We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us. (Romans 12:6 NRSV Bible)

It is important for us to understand that each of us have different gifts, and it is important that we use well the gifts God has given to us. There are no superstars in God's work. In God's perfect plan for the world each of us has different talents, interests and abilities. Not all of us can be teachers. Who would feed or clothe us? Whom would we teach? Not all of us can be farmers. Who would bandage our wounds when we are hurt? Our world functions as smoothly as it does because God has gifted us in unique ways.

So it is with the work of the Kingdom. Each of us has a different spiritual gift. When we all use our gifts as God intends, then the world is blessed and our own lives are enriched.

All great leaders have recognized that to be effective, we must use the gifts God has given us. Grady Wilson for years handled evangelist Billy Graham's business affairs. We are told that some time back Wilson was faced with a decision about whether to move the Billy Graham organization to larger quarters. Unable to arrive at a decision, he called Dr. Graham for advice. Graham answered kindly but firmly. "I don't call you and ask you what I should preach," he said. "Don't call me about what you should do with buildings."

One of the secrets of Billy Graham's success has been in locating people with gifts and entrusting them to use those gifts. Each of us has different gifts. The key to successful living is not to grieve over the gifts we do not have, but to take those we do have and use them in honoring God.

Lord Jesus, Help me spend less time wishing for the abilities that I don't have, and help me to spend more time using the ones I do have! Amen.

-Ron Newhouse                                                                                            Daily Devotions